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        News Release Photos

        This archive contains Epson's news release photos, sorted by year. Select a different year using the pulldown below.


        June 13:

        Epson Opens Textile Solution Center (TSC Asia) at Fujimi Plant in Japan

        May 29:

        Epson's M-A552 Accelerometers Ideal for Structure Health Monitoring

        May 24:

        Epson Atmix Installs New Production Line at Its Kita-Inter Plant

        March 25:

        Epson Printers Win Their First "Red Dot: Best of the Best" Award

        February 13:

        Epson Shipping Samples of New Interface Conversion IC for In-Vehicle Systems

        February 8:

        Epson Printers and Projectors Win iF Design Award 2019

        February 6:

        Epson to Participate in Sustainable Brands 2019 Tokyo

        January 15:

        Epson Inkjets Win Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation

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